Secret Shopper Reviews of the City of Meadville and Surrounding Area



Vehicle shopping in Meadville

Okay folks to start off, this is located under recommendations because my recommendation is that if you are looking for a New or Pre-Owned Vehicle, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV etc….. Be sure to take your time and do your homework. First off, I highly recommend the services of an ex-salesman by which we will not mention his name here but you can contact us and we will provide the referral to you. He guarantees you a much better deal.

Let me get back to the topic at hand,recommending. I myself have found that there is much better deal in the big cities that are located around us but even better than that is to take a two day trip and go to New Jersey. NJ is the place to buy. They are hungry for your business and do what it takes to make a deal. Here in Meadville it is always a lop-sided deal on behalf of the dealer. I have literally walked in to several dealerships with cash in pocket and a clear title to my trade and have walked out of several with the same stuff in my pockets. because they are just con artists. Take for instance Palmiero Toyota who I sent my associate into to buy a pre-owned vehicle and not only was the vehicle $6000.00 over high retail value but then they actually quoted the trades at more than $5300.00 below dealer wholesale value. As you see, we have access to their wholesale guides and in fact even see some of them at the auctions. Those figures above represent an additional $11,300.00 in profit OVER the normal profit that they would have made. They call this action, if the sale was made. a “Homerun.” Of coarse a move such as this would have to be pulled on a “Laydown” so therefore the dealership, mainly the salesman has absolutely no idea on how to read people which is the very first step of becoming a good salesman and just combined with the thought that they would even do this to a person, let alone a disabled man and his wife, they have no morals and should not even be In business.

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