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Hello Meadville and Surrounding areas! This site is plain and simple……

I am “The Constructive Critic” a customer service expert and an independent secret shopper of area businesses to help establish an increase of customer service for citywide growth in a fallen region. The Meadville area is losing .6% of it’s population on a yearly basis and has been since our 2000 census.  Through the use of constructive criticism and in-depth reporting Meadville Area Businesses will have the ability to correct what is perceived to be wrong in the business sector. By establishing higher standards and levels of Customer Service we will be able to keep our residents shopping in this area and provide growth in this poor economy. In addition, we may be able to attract new entrepreneurs and the bigger box stores to opening in this area and alleviating some of the of unemployment issues. I look forward to serving you to thje best of my ability and beyond. Please subscribe and aid us in our endeavor. Membership is Free and has it’s privileges.

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