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Tracfone: Customer Service Makeover


You have heard of them and probably have even had one at one time, Prepaid Cellular Phones. They generally rip you off and provide the worst customer service, well at least that was my experience until I spoke with Clifford, a supervisor for a leading cellular phone service company (Safelink, Tracfone, Net10, Straight Talk). Now of course with my recent situation I went through the regular customer service representative BS…. OF COURSE…  They always like to argue and tell you the rules and policies. I have always felt that policy doesn’t provide for 100% Customer Service Satisfaction. Situations are different from time to time and from one customer to another.

I must say that Tracfone has a different attitude these days than that of what I experienced back in September of 2010. I was provided with a good experience from the supervisor that handled my call. While he went through  the same BS, he then listened and tried to get me to listen to him. As you know, once we, a consumer, get upset or mad at a dealing with a company, all we see id RED. …………….


As of right now this is unfinished, but to let you know, this is not a paid endorsement. All our write-ups are based on real experiences and our bias belief. We do not get paid for write-ups unless the word “Advertisement-Advertisement-Advertisement” is printed above the article. My original name was The Callous Critic, I only changed it to “The Constructive Critic” so as to not be looked upon in a bad manner.

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