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WANTED: Diabetic Test Strips! TOP CASH PAID

Help the Uninsured

is in need of your help to aid them in the collection of Diabetic Blood Glucose Test Strips, Lancets, Control Solution as well as Meters and all types of  Medical Supplies that perhaps you, or someone you know, NO longer have need for these items. They will pay cash for diabetic test strips, lancets, lancing devices, control solution etc.

The number one necessity for this group is the need of Diabetic Test strips. It is vital for Diabetics to check their Insulin any where up to eight times per day. In speaking to Robert and Frances who operate this organization, they relay to us that there are many whom are prescribed to test up to eight times per day but only actually do it three to four times a day leaving leftover supplies for the following month which are not needed by them because they get regular monthly shipments at the beginning or middle of each month containing a month’s supplies worth of their diabetic necessaties. Many just throw out their extra supplies in the trash not realizing the need.

This group, Help the Uninsured got started when Robert, a Diabetic himself had lost his State Funded Medical Insurance (Medicaid) when he was approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for full disability for reasons other than being diabetic. The loss of insurance occured because Robert was approved for $32.00 per month over the State Guidelines to receive Medicaid, of which was taking care of Robert’s diabetic needs and supplies. The SSA Medicare insurance contained a lapse in coverage for three (3) months from the period of being approved till the period of Medicare to begin. Therefore Robert’s Diabetic condition was not being maintained. Robert was unable to work due to being in a housefire that left Robert with 75% of his body with third degree burns and had to have several skin graft operations over the course of being hospitalized for just over eight months and then being bed ridden for an additional  five  months after. The seriousness of the fire left Robert in a coma for 45 days and with an inability to be able to walk after coming out of the coma.

So to get back to how this organization begun; When Robert had NO Insurance, someone had suggested that he put into action an idea in which proved to work and Robert, even now having full insurance, states that he will never give up helping those that are uninsured. Says Robert; “It is a sad day when someone with a life threatening disease cannot get  HELP with the supplies that are needed to keep their Blood Glucose Monitored so that they are able to keep their Blood Sugar within the proper guidelines.

Robert’s biggest hurdle is greed. The pharmaceutical companies charge so much for these supplies. Therefore Robert and Frances are reaching out and asking Crawford, Erie, and surrounding Counties as well for your help and THEY ARE WILLING TO PAY CASH for your leftover test strips and other supplies. They also are in need of just about any type of medical supplies as well.

Call them any day of the week and they will drive out to you or will explain how to ship the products and get reimbursed for shipping costs. They will pay cash,  in order to be  able to HELP so many Pennsylvanian’s and older American’s acheive their need for testing supplies.

Here are some pictures of some of their needs, however they are not limited to just these,Robert states that they have too many needs.

Get their full contact info on their website at:



Once Again, Help the Uninsured is in NEED of supplies,register on their website and get contact info at:


We were told that Robert and Frances also purchase other items of value as well, anything from Automobiles to Electronics to Mobile Homes to Zoological Equipment. That means anything from A to Z.




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