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Rici at Family Hair Care


Richelle “Rici” Robinson

of Family Hair Care

Location: Downtown Mall

920 Water Street

Meadville, Pa 16335

Phone:    814.337.5507


  • Monday 9-3
  • Wednesday 3-8
  • Friday 1-7
  • Sat 9-5
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 Just so our readers understand this article is not about  Family Hair Care as much as it is about Rici (pronounced Ricky as she is nicknamed after her father, Richard) She is a Pennsylvania licensed cosmetologist that specializes in hair styling and facial waxes. The hours listed above are Rici’s hours not the establishments. So let get this article started.

Today an associate of mine went to this establishment because of need of their services. I am happy to report that he was extremely satisfied throughout his entire visit. In addition, he was ecstatic with not only the work performed but also with the personality and disposition of Rici as well. He found that Rici is extremely personable and doesn’t just cut hair she actually creates a relationship with our clients. When he told me that he found that she remembered his haircut and the way she styled it the last time I was shocked because apparently my associate had only been there once before and I know, for fact, just how picky he is and how he always wants things a special way. Him and I once went to the same barber and I heard how he describes the way he wants his haircut. Anyway forget him and let me say this, he loves his haircut. He also mentioned to me that he had to wait two weeks to get in to see Rici because she had taken some time off. He actually waited for her to come back.

 Richelle “Rici” Robinson, graduated cosmetology school in 1997. She has worked for Family Hair Care for just over 11 years. The number 11 must be a magical number for her because she has been happily married for the past 11 years as well. You can tell Rici loves her job not just by the amount of time that she has been there but by her attitude while she is there. Rici states that she loves to do new styles and that she is extremely comfortable with children. If anyone is ever been in a barbershop or styling salon when a kid is in the seat next to you you know that it takes a special stylist with great skill to be able to cut care of any kid. It may be the guest of being motherly that helps in those situations.

Rici continues to improve her skills and perfect her craft by attending continuing education Hair Stylist Shows/Seminars. She attends about three per year. She explained to Robert, my associate, that these shows are actually hands on instruction with a fully licensed and experienced instructor that not only teaches but guides the stylists as they actually perform hands-on. Rici stated that they learn about new styles and cuts. Apparently there are different techniques of cutting. Well I actually know this because in New York there is a couple of salons that have stylists with very unique cutting techniques and they also charge many many hundreds of dollars for a style. The shows/seminars also teach all the stylists about the new products that are available as well. As my experience of being a sales manager and customer service manager I have always found that product knowledge is extremely important. When a person knows about products and what those products can do, it is much easier to relay that to us as consumers and point out to us our need for it. While Rici states that she does not push products, as do some salons, she told Robert that she is currently the top performer in product sales. Rici is fully versed in the various products and may be able to help you with any situation that you’re currently dealing with that the products you use in aren’t handling.

I want to quickly add that Rici pays for her continuing education out of her own pocket. Each show that she attends costs about $300 depending upon its location. She recently attended one in Pittsburgh, Pa.

While my associate Robert claims that he is not an interviewer, I have found that he gets the job done. I must point out that he is the one that designs my blog sites and websites. He also has handled some of these interviews for me as well since  I have to remain anonymous, after all, I am a secret shopper only known by the name; “The Constructive Critic” and I have a message for all businesses in Meadville and the surrounding areas : BEWARE and be WARNED. Every business needs to be on the alert because I will secret shop every business in this region and will report on this website exactly my findings. There are two things that I despise and that is a liar and bad customer service. It irks me to see or experience poor customer service and the lack of suggestive selling. I just ordered a small pizza and killed it no time, it turns out I could have gotten a medium for just a $1.50 more. Well guess what, if the person on the phone  suggested that, I would of bought the medium.

Meadville business reviews does offer a paid secret shopper service for area businesses whether they be retail or an office or warehouse it makes no difference I, the constructive critic, and a customer service expert as well as a master sales closing. I have had extensive training from numerous Fortune 500 corporations. Backspace, as well as college majoring in marketing. The service that we offer to businesses is priced accordingly to the size of business and the amount of research that we need to perform and execute a proper shopping experience as a consumer. This enables business owners and managers the ability to see things about their  business in the eyes of the consumer. A business ownercannot see many problems that we detect. The reason being, a business owner or manager has blinders and a consumer does not. Neither does our Business Experts that are fully trained to critique a business properly and to develop a report that an owner may utilize constructively to increase their shares within their industry.

Here is the problem/fact about consumers: Number One: Buyers are Liars Nuber Two: when they’re happy they will tell one person. When they’re displeased they will tell TEN. This is fact proven through many, many years of research throughout the entire sales, marketing industries as well as all others. It makes no difference what type of business you have, whenever a customer is displeased they will tell 10 other people and one of them may not be you as the business owner or manager. Customers when dealing with someone over and over  will not tell you when they are displeased, but they will go somewhere else.

I have always said that the best customer is the customer that comes to me and complains, because that enables me to correct what is wrong with my business. I’m not going to go any further because we are getting into an area of information that you have to pay for because now I am giving you GOLD.

Here’s a quick recap:


Licensed Cosmetologist

Great with kids and the elderly, and all of which in between. She loves to do new styles and Up-Do’s (you know, The 50’s Style) for Special Occasions. She is extremely personable and outgoing. Honest to a fault and she believes Customer Satisfaction, as well as Honesty, is Priority One with her position. Rici additionally does Coloring, Perms, and Foils as well as Facial Waxing. Her hours are listed above and reservations are not necessary, However, Rici does recommend them. She states: “Walk-ins are always welcome.”

Rici offers hair care products from:

  • Paul Mitchell
  • Retro
  • Kenra
  • Matrix
  • Aquage
  • Mizani
  • Phyto-Organics

I will have an appointment coming up soon with Rici although she doesn’t know it, or at least she doesn’t know that I am: “The Constructive Critic”. Be sure to ask about some of the hair care products that Rici offers. I use one of the products listed above and I tell you this; there are NO SUBSTITUTES. You may find that some products are expensive, let me remind of this; you always get what you pay for. If you pay a dollar for shampoo and conditioner, what you get is thirty five cents worth. The manufacturer gets their money first then distributor needs to get paid and don’t forget the store needs their profit as well. Trust in this, you’re not saving $9.00 just because of advertising.

My last note. Give Rici a try, I am sure you will be as pleased as my associate. Speaking of him, instead of getting paid he asked that I do two things for him on this page.

One thing he wanted me to write is that he loves his hair style although he is losing his hair.

The other:


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