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Kid Rock at the CMA Awards Tonight


Kid Rock at the 44th CMA Awards appeared on ABC tonight starting at 8pm. Here’s the link for Kid Rock’s site. Click Here 

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photo courtesy: Eileen Blass/USA Today


[youtube uHR4Cy5GzGc  Kid Rock performs Born Free at the 44th CMA Awards 2010]


 You all may be wandering why Kid Rock is here, I’ll tell ya’. I saw Kid Rock perform just outside of Fort Myers, Fla in 2008. It was an excellent experience. I found Kid Rock and his band to be incredibly entertaining and talented. Kid Rock hits on so many genres, and it all interlaces into One Helluva Show.  I do not believe anyone could go to their show and walk out displeased. It is a party from start to finish. I have three of their CD’s; Cocky, Devil Without a Cause and Southern Rock. Each of these are awesome and will defintaely uplift your day.  Rock and Roll Jesus will be the next one I get.




Just a word of caution, these albums may also change your attitude. That’s the great thing about Kid Rock, ATTITUDE. His attitude is FTW. I have NO problem with that. It works for him. He’s got the money and fame to back it up. I like to see it. I use to have it and in some ways I still do. I try not to display it anymore, but it shows from time to time. 


Stefanie courtesy of KidRock.Com

I was shocked to see that the drummer was a female. Not that I believe that a female couldn’t be able to handle a drum set but because the workload in their show is just so incredible and demanding. I was just taken back with such an incredible performance. Stefanie Eulinberg is definately amongst the top drummers I have ever seen. I think that what probably took me back so much was the fact that when she came out from behind the drums and sang a song with Kid, she was in PAJAMA’S with fuzzy slippers on. The Twisted Brown Trucker Band is absoloutely awesome. I may not be mentioning all of them right now, but trust in this, they will rock you. Check Out Kid Rock Bio for band info. Here For a more complete Bio on Kid Rock, check out Wikipedia here. 


Kid Rock Slams Steven Tyler, Calls Idol “Stupidest Thing He’s Ever Done” Read more: E!ONLINE      

David Becker/Getty Images; Rick Diamond/Getty Images

 Kid Rock “Cowboy” CMT Music Awards 2010 





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