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Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow come to Burgettstown, PA

Okay so guess what….. HE is coming  JUST A TWO HOUR AWAY DRIVE and of all times…. I am so broke I can’t pay attention. I got the money to get there and all that but the tix are not cheap. On Saturday I went to a Biker party which WUUZ Radio was hosting and I entered my Harley Nigh Train in the LOUD PIPES Contest to try to winn a pair of tickets and I just didn’t pull it off. Two weeks ago I won First Place and by a landslide. This guy who rides with the OUTLAWS M/C, he won. He had all his bros with him and the winner was determined by audience participation. You know this always happens to me. I haven’t seen Kid since some stadium in Lee County, Florida. What a show. I had a great time. It was just outrageous. I wanted to get to see him so bad before I become Ordained, because that is actually happening this Saturday in Cleveland, OH. That’s right this Saturday I am being Baptizeed and I will be getting my Ordination to be a Full Time Minister.

Hey Kid, will my Press Pass get me through? I would love to see him one last time. If anyone wants to go see a terrific show and have a great time, you got to see the Kid… That’s right … Kid Rock and the Twisted Truckers Band.  

Hey Kid I hope something happens that I can get there to see you.




– Check Out Kid Rock’s Website at KidRock.Com

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