Secret Shopper Reviews of the City of Meadville and Surrounding Area




Attention Business Owners:


The Constructive Critic Has Arrived And Will Secret Shop Every Business In Meadville, Pa As Well As ALL Surrounding Area’s 

I hereby warn all business owners and employees, right here and now, to put your best foot forward, for “I Am The Constructive Critic and I Cannot Be Bought. There is NOTHING I despise more than poor Customer Service, Lies, and Deceit.” My loyalty, aside from my Faith in Our Creator, is to CONSUMERS not corporations, enterprises, proprietorship’s or any type of governmental agency. I will expose each agency or organization for what it is or how it operates.

Business Owners as well as Consumers may ask if local business can purchase advertising space. The answer is yes, with the below pre-requisite of having a rating with us of at least 4 out of 5 stars.  The reason:  I am honest to a fault. as I stated I cannot be bought. Also, no one will ever see me or know that I am The Constructive Critic. Any dealings will be done via email or by a  representative or an associate. To continue the reason I can sell ad space to local businesses,  I have what is called Antisocial Disorder. Just a minor case. I have one main symptom and that is: An apparent lack of remorse or empathy for others.” In other words; I speak what is on my mind at any given time without regard of hurting corporations feelings, causing heartache or in this case BusinessBrache. Look at that, a new word for Webster’s.  I have a love for God and He will keep me in check so that I would not do any detrimental harm.

Chances are there will not be many Local Businesses advertising with us for two reasons:

  • We do not have an Advertising Sales Rep nor a  Graphic Art Department
  • We have so many National Accounts, however,  we only offer space to approxiamately 3% of our National Advertising Account Base.

We do not want a million ads on this site. This site is about the notification to the consumer, our neighbor. 

THE PRE-REQUISITE: In order for a local business to purchase advertising space on this site, they must have been previously shopped by The Constructive Critic and have received an Above Average Satisfactory Rating of at least 4 stars out of 5.

Business Owners: Would you like your store secretively shopped by a professional that will provide you with a fully unbiased, detailed report that may be utilized constructively to improve your business and market gain in your industry? Contact us at: 

Consumers: Do you constantly have a problem each time you visit a local business? Has a local business taken advantage of you and/or  a given situation? Do you feel that a business NEEDS to shopped to receive some constructive criticism. Let us know, we will help anyway we can, Contact us at:

We would like to extend an invitation to you to Subscribe to our site and receive updates and new critiques that may affect you and your business dealings. Your subscribing to this site helps to support this site and to keep the advertising to a MINIMUM. Read our Policies and you will find that We do not lend, rent nor sell our mailing list. We do not believe or support SPAM.


Thank you for your support.

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